Naughty Meg and the Christmas Elves are announced for Festive Derby 2023

A wild eyed young girl, Meg, stands in front of Christmas tree with Naughty Meg and the Christmas Elves text behind her.

Wed 8 Mar 2023

Those mischievous and marvellous Babbling Vagabonds’ will be back for the festive season with Naughty Meg and the Christmas Elves, this year at the iconic setting of The Old Central Library on The Wardwick.

Derby favourites The Babbling Vagabonds, return this Christmas with their family friendly treat Naughty Meg and The Christmas Elves. Following on from their hugely successful 2021 Christmas show The Hungry Trolls Christmas Dinner and the Festive Derby 2022 hit The Christmas Toy Shop Mystery.


A Christmas Toy Shop was a firm favourite in 2022

Born in a storm, Meg has always caused havoc. The naughtiest girl in the world has reduced Mum and Dad to gibbering wrecks, neighbours hide their children from her cruel clutches, even the wasps give this tornado of trouble a wide berth. On one fateful day she upsets the Christmas Elves – and war is declared.

This wickedly comic tale will be enjoyed by anyone who has ever been the slightest bit naughty. Join us at The Old Central Library on the Wardwick between Thu 14 Dec - Sat 30 Dec for lots of festive mischief. Tickets are £15 (concessions £10) and are available now from the Derby LIVE website.

The Babbling Vagabonds Christmas show last year received great reviews:

“Fabulous, family friendly, festive fun…had my 4-year-old laughing her head off!” Derby Days Out

“This show did not disappoint and was the perfect length of time for wriggly bottoms.” Lots for Tots

Tickets for Naughty Meg and the Christmas Elves are available now and can be purchased on the Derby LIVE website, at the Sales and Information Centre Guildhall Theatre, Market Place, Derby, DE1 3AE, or by calling 01332 255 800.